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    Charging 399 per yr to charge to my visa to fix security

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    He tried me to give him my visa number and charge me 600 dollars for 2 yrs and to cancel it would cost me 399 dollars

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  • #2820

    Fraud misuse of my personal information

    I was told that i would receive 6000 dollar loan go to Wal-Mart and do a money gram to Julian Marshall got to Wal-Mart to find out that 70 dollars ...

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  • #2819

    Unsolocited card with number

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    Nice solicit for card did not order. Looks legitimate. Likely scam. Stay away or risk I'd theft or worse. Report if scammed

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  • #2817

    Rentalanager lies, lazy and rude! :(

    The manager here lied to me about not receiving any mailed application from me as it was refused on 1-23-2018. Sent my filled out rental application to her on 12-26-2017 ...

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  • #2815

    Call charged to my number SCAM

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    I have been getting calls from 876-845-3961 asking for my credit card info saying I won the PCH Clearing House Jackpot for $5000 for life. When I called back I ...

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    he owes me a lot of money

    he contacted with me by facebook he said he dealed with gold after some time he said he had to go to malasia to by gold jewerly and he needed ...

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  • #2813

    Misleading about cost of free samples

    I ordered from this company just pay shipping and handling 4.95. My credit card was charged three times for different amounts, 6.95, 9.96 and 29.95. I ...

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  • #2812

    Got scammed big time

    Paid a lot of money to buy a dog and have not heard from them since. Spoke to this individual several times to make arrangements and once the money was ...

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