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    Seeking Arrangements scammer

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    Karen Mitchelle Cummings is an online dating, manipulating scammer. She will lie about her mom being in the hospital, awaiting a transplant and a single mom struggling financially. Do not ...

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    Spiritual healers who won't leave.

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    I purchased a service from Uriel and it was never fulfilled. I fired him and he quit but he still continued "working" on me. He disrespects me on a daily ...

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  • #2794

    Puppies shipping scam

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    Supposed to ship but just keep asking for more money. Vet, crate, city fee, shots, now they have Provo and 1400. to give meds to keep puppies from loosing them ...

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    Received cashiers check for $2865. Told me to evaluate Walmart. Check of course is no goid. They kept calling asking if I had done my assignment yet and sent their ...

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    Anythony the scammers 713-261-2066

    Anthony is a scam artist and his whole company is a scam! He found me with a broken down car on the side of the road offered his assists. I ...

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  • #2791

    Beware of Fake Fiduciary

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    My mother had in trusted me with her Will & Trust over 17 years ago. At the advanced age of 97, these people, along with the help of Leah Jenkins a ...

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    Taxi service independent contractor

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    Was given a private contractor contact for taxi service one who has no card reader in his vehicle. He said we could go to an atm or i could put ...

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    Scams you out of money

    As a start up company, Mr Byron Best guaranteed investment dollars for a fee of $3,000. Never came through and never heard from him again.

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