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    Claim to be US Government awarding $8400 in grant money to select individuals. Want to transfer it to your bank account or credit card account. When I refused to give them that information, they said I could receive it through my local moneygram store and to call this number to verify my information 202.470.0827. At this juncture, I was told I had to pay a $250 deposit at Moneygram store to receive these funds. I told them to take it from the money they were giving me. When they said it had to come from my account, I said "I knew this was a scam . . . " and they hung up on me.

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    • My demands: I want this investigated and these people shut down. There is no telling who has fallen for this scam.
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $250.00
    Nov 02, 2015
    Complaint #: 598
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Nov 10, 2015 5:12 PM

Just got off the phone with them. Sounded like a Nigerian accent. Woman telling me my name was randomly selected to receive a government grant for $8400 that did not have to be paid back and it would be sent from a federal bank in NY. I was to receive it as cash and could collect it from a Walmart, CVS or some other place like that. When she began to explain how that would work - she said since CVS is not a government property - I can't disclose why I'm collecting these funds otherwise they'd charge me per 1000 dollars. As soon as I said this sounds like a Nigerian Scam, she hung up. Is there a way report this phone number to some sort of agency? Thank you. Caller: 202-657-5195