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    I receive four to six calls daily from US Pharmacy trying to sell Viagara, Cialis etc. I have been kind, requested to get off phone list, I have been mean, sarcastic etc. and no way can I get them to stop. I have 325 calls blocked. Can't place a number because they pinning so there is no number to this scam. What are we to do?

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    • My demands: Them to stop calling
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
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    Sep 09, 2015
    Complaint #: 364
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Public discussion


FN 5.7

Jul 01, 2017 11:31 AM

They've (online pharmacy company) been calling me at least once to 5 times a day, from different numbers, for the past two years. Tried everything to get them to quit calling, nothing helps.


May 20, 2017 12:29 AM

As far as the Viagra calls from Canadian Pharmacy, I now refuse to even talk to Indians that are here legally, I can't stand the voice. Now, here is the best thing I have found that will tie up their time and they will remember me: "I answer the call and thank them for calling because I am out of Viagra and a couple of my friends need some too. I tell them I am interested in a large amount, maybe 500 to 1000 pills then I haggle over the price and get them down to about 20 cents a pill and their supervisor gets involved and we settle on shipping and then they ask for my Credit card number. I start off with the first 4 digits and then simply hang up and don't answer again". They have been had!!!! let's all do this and see what happens. Mike.

no left turn

Nov 17, 2015 7:34 PM

They're absolute dirt-bags, from a part of the world where this kind of "business practice" is tolerated. There is nothing you can do about it, our government doesn't care and their government doesn't care.

Kelly Ann

Nov 17, 2015 6:04 PM

I've gotten a few phone calls from this number, always asking about medication that I'm on. I have gases them to stop calling and they hang up. Ask to speak to a supervisor and they hang up. THIS time I get the call and the man on the other end of the line says he's my boyfriend and he's calling just to talk. I tell him he has the wrong number. He insists it is the right number and he loves me and wants to talk to me. Creepiest thing ever. I suggest calling your service provider and having the number blocked!

Brittany Deck

Oct 15, 2015 8:31 PM

I was called by this number but the man on the other end didnt say anything about pills or anything. He asked how i was doing. I asked who he was trying to reach and he said "you ofcourse" and listed off my phone number. I became kind of suspicious and asked him if he was trying to sell me something and he said no that he just wanted to talk to me and asked if he could call me tomorrow. It was really creepy. I asked him why he wanted to talk to me and how he got my number and he said "i dont want to say how i got your number but i just think you are beautiful. Can i call you tomorrow?" I said no and told him to not call me again. He said okay and hung up. Im getting shivers down my spine right now thinking about it.