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  • Insurance fraud he deposited the insurance checks into his personal account not his business account


    Mr Dan Krantz is the owner of 303 EXTERIORS. It was May 5 we had a really bad hail storm golf ball sized. Dan came into my work we were talking about the hail storm. He gave me his card I checked his company out thoroughly and he seemed reputable one negative report that I could find within the past year and it looked like it had been resolved . He was working with or along side a reputable roofing contractor which I am not going to name because he is in the exact same situation even worse. Dan would come around to make sure everything was running smoothly and getting done He acted like he was part of your family. He was always very nice and was really good with our daughter she would call him her buddy. This is an example of how he started to scam and snow us. He reminded me of one of my brothers. He had a joint business account with the roofing contractor. So he came to get the checks to put into his business account to pay the roofing contractor but instead of depositing the checks into his business account he was depositing them into his own personal account. This was not known until the roofing contractor asked about the checks which was a little while later. Before this happened dan asked for my claim information so that I would not have to deal with insurance he said it would make the process faster, because we needed to get the garage door replaced and he told me he could get it done faster and everything would run smoothly.The hail had damaged our roof garage door, solar lights, grill some siding swamp cooler top, shed roof, everything.I gave him my claim info. He told me a second check was coming in and this is the one he needed so that he could pay for the garage door and permit. I was also supposed to get $735. Out of this check for personal property to replace my solar lights and grill. He was supposed to give me the 735. He never did. I found out the two checks totaling around 6,000.were cashed from his own personal account not his business account. He left the roofing contractor high and dry he took his share and he kept all of our money from my personal property check. I should have seen he was a scam artist because when he was at the bank depositing the checks he kept asking if I had a personal bank account and told (us) myself and husband that if he wired the money he owed us back to us and we would get it a lot faster. This was a huge red flag. And I told him no I didn't have a bank account and that he could bring it to me or I would be glad to pick it up. The next day he quit answering his cell and office number.when the roofing contractor tried to reach him the same happened no answer voice mail. The roofing contractor had to hire an attorney, make a police report. This guy is a con artist who will act like the nicest guy ever and your best friend all to take everything you have.

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    • My demands: He needs to pay the roofing contractor all he owes him. Pay us the $735 for personal property grill solar lights.
    • User Recommendation: Recommended
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $2,000.00
    Aug 04, 2016
    Complaint #: 1808
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