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    I received a phone call from a 0000000000 phone number where Mac Stephenson told me with a heavy accent I was 1 of 1,500 people in my city that had been selected to receive $9,000.00 from a Federal Grant from Washington DC. I was selected because of my good tax standing and for being a model citizen with no criminal record. He then gave me my full address, phone number and gave me a confirmation number. I was told I would not have to pay this money back and could use it on anything I wanted. I was very skeptical I asked multiple times why me; I stated multiple times I felt this was a scam and every time he had an answer to ensure me it was not a scam and he was just doing his job as I was selected to win. He told me I needed a valid ID or Passport to claim the funds at a western union.
    I was told needed to call 716-941-7582; give them the confirmation # MC321 and I would be connected with my senior account manager. I called the number and gave them my confirmation code and was connected to a lady with a heavy accent claiming to be my account manager to get me set up to have my free federal grant money to be western union to me. She then told me I would need to go to a local store where they offer money transfers with western union. I told her I felt this was a scam and asked what the catch was. She told me it was not a scam nor any catch it was just a way of saying thank you for being in good standings with the IRS. She then told me once I get to the Western Union I would have to pay $200.00 in taxes to have the money transferred to me. Once I made the payment the money would be transferred to me. I told her "so if I have to pay then there is a catch" she then hung up on me.

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    • My demands: Protect My Identity, Warn Others of this SCAM and get this low life persicuted
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $200.00
    Dec 18, 2015
    Complaint #: 846
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