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  • 800 Fund and Joe Jurasic Scam Fraud Stay Away all Truth


    Joe Jurasic, 800 Fund, 800fund.com, Joseph Jurasic is a Fraud , a Scam. Do not work here do not do business with them. You will be so glad you listen to me no matter what lies any of them tell you, this is why. Joe Jurasic 800fund.com. 1 732 337 9626 or office 212 865 3863

    I was hired by Joe Jurasic as a sales manager and ask to come in and take the beautiful office they have at 30 Broad St on the 28th Floor in Manhattan and create a credit card processing division. He told me I would answer to no one and since I not only know how to close, teach others how to close since have a good track record, train others, read resumes and set up relationships as far as equipment and back office etc. I was hired after a few back and forths and according to Joe Jurasic the approval of the so called owner Eric as he said for that amount of 1200 per week plus commissions plus residuals. He got back to me with that OK and approval. Started Monday and just felt how disorganized 800 Fund was. Joe Jurassic kept telling me that the two exsisting managers were going to be fired and they didn't know because they ran the company into the ground. This company takes up the whole floor and they have only total of 8 reps that were also fairly new. Knew things didn't add up when Joe kept telling me to get and hire 30 people for training than the night before call me and say his budget which originally was 70k month now I can only max hire 4 reps at a 250 week draw max. Another red flag was I watched on Wednesday that there was another confusion that none of these reps got paid and also that they were told 500 week. It looks like it got worked out but now I am concerned about my salary and pay come Friday. I asked Joe Jurassic over and over, are you sure there will be no problems. He swore up and down I will get paid Friday by 4pm. Confirmed this several times, didn't mis hear him. It's now Thursday and have 4 people for my training for credit card processing, the industry, about our company 800 Fund and Potential of Residual. The training went great, except for the part Joe kept coming in and asking stupid questions to make himself known. He prior to this training I find out afterwards he took one of the girls out for drinks right after the interview night before, he also asked the other girl does she have a boyfriend. A new manager for 800 Fund and opening up the doors for a sexual harrasment suit. Coffee and Pizza was supposed to be provided. Coffee never was cause it wasn't in the budget Jurassic told me, a one pie of pizza is all they could swing. Imagine a cash advance company that can't afford or didn't want to afford some basics for new hires to make the company look good. Joe insisted he thought he ordered two pies, another lie. Later that day they all said including Joe how great the training was and it was. Was very happy with it. 2 more red flags occur. The first Jurassic grabs one of the girls who he was making advances with and says yourll sit here and do cash advance. Since they are so desperate for reps in this department although I was told I wouldn't be interfered with. I pulled Joe to the side and said she doesn't want to do cash, that was her field and just spent 6 hours telling the benefits of building a Residual book which they all were so happy about. She also expressed her concerns about Joe Jurassic and saying he is unprofessional and all over the place. I reassured her that she works for me and he won't interfere with her anymore. Second red was I was told I could finally meet the owner Eric or Vlad again at 4pm that meeting never happened. My plan was to express to them my business plan and how I was going to make it work from start to finish. My plan on starting 4 new departments. It was genius and would of worked and made this company alot of money. I feel only of the owners did meet me they would of saw I would of taken this company and skyrocketed it, again never had the chance cause Joe Jurassic must of blocked it. Also think he never intended on paying me cause he simply did not have the funds to do it. He threw hints all week that I used to get 500 from another company which is not true since I have stubs and bank statements to prove it. Than he went as far to say I was fired for getting high in the boardroom another lie. Never did drugs or drink, he was getting desperate by the time. I come in Friday the minute I walk through the door he goes your training sucked you got no one. I actually had to call people back and say not to come because Jurassic told me 4 max. Anyway he said one of the girls called him the night before and said this wasn't for her and she wasn't coming. Also that I wasn't getting paid and would now on Saturday. I knew nothing of these stories were a lie. Spoke to that girl she said she never spoke to him, when she found out I just quit she jumped back on the train and headed home. She felt he was unprofessional and the company was so disorganized. They felt that at training but assured them they were under me and was.going to rebuild and make sure they all made money. Joe Jurassic and 800 Fund or 800Fund.com owe me $1,200 for the time I worked there. They have also a new PowerPoint slide presentation related to the credit card processing business that is all my information that is for my back office and property of mine. Joe Jurassic sent me several text messages that he was going to Kill Me and Rape Me. Have proof to back this up. He also stated 800Fund.com will sue me if I post this. Told Jurassic that to please have the owner call me to discuss, I do not think the Owner knows what is going on and was never told, cause I'd I had a chance to meet with him. I would still be there and instead.of me Quitting cause of all the lies. Joe Jurassic would be fired immediately like he has been fired from every job since this one for lack of production and in one case I know about stealing from the owners payroll. Wanted to discuss all this with the owner and owners. Everything I said here is 100 percent the truth no lies or fabrications. The owners have my number and also our agreed salary, Commissions and residuals is written on my paperwork submitted so they can see that is the truth too. The week that I was there did so much positive and heading this company in the right direction. So I am owed $1,200 as agreed for that week. Posting the death and rape threats your manager Joe Jurassic sent.

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    • My demands: Joe Jurasic Fired and My 1200 Owed
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    Apr 24, 2017
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