Complaints, scams, fraud.
Reported by angry citizens from across the globe.

  • #291

    Harassment, fraud, identity theft, etc

    Claiming to be someone he isn't, contacting me through my email asking for my id number and other personal information. Promising to give me 30 percent of money of ...

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  • #290

    Loan scammers who promise a loan

    I was told i was approved for a $8000 dollar loan but first I had to buy a card and put 200 dollars on it to get the money transferred ...

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  • #289

    Publishers Clearing House scam

    company logo

    Promised $18 million, VW van, and Walmart certificate. Failed to deliver as promised three times. John even said he loved me and wanted to marry me.

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  • #288

    He doesnt flip he steals

    Man said he would flip my money. I sent 100 and never received my cash in return. He blocked me on instagram and never returned my call.

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