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    Over 6 months ago, I was contacted by this charity to purchase light bulbs (on my cell phone) or make a one time donation for American Handicap workers. I refused to give any bank/card information over the phone and wanted to make a 1 time donation of $25.00. I gave my home address information and stated I will mail in the donation once I receive the letter/statement/or any information. (for verification reasons). The caller stated for my donation I would receive free light bulbs as a "thank you" once my donation was received & my letter would be mailed out that day. I never received any mailings from the company, still haven't to this date. A month later, 5 months now, I started receiving numerous phone calls from this company demanding payment for light bulbs totaling $44.50. I have explained the situation to numerous callers, I have asked for copies of any information regarding the mailing of the bulbs (have not received anything even after I was told I would). One caller stated they had a signature from the post office carrier stating it was delivered weeks prior, I asked if the mail carriers name was male or female & what the name was. They refused to give me a name but said it was a male. Both my mail carriers are females and I spoke to them and no packages were left in my mailbox or door step near the time frame they stated it was. I have asked to speak to supervisors and I am hung up on or put on hold for long periods of time then disconnected. I have called numerous times to speak to supervisors. I have asked every call to not be contacted by phone but through mail and discussed harassment by telephone. The callers are rude, hang up on me, threaten me with further collections and phone calls. They have refused to give me a mailing address and any numbers I have received to contact "supervisors" or the direct company are out of service and disconnected. The calling company states they are an out sourced service collection company for the charity but identify themselves as the charity when calling. I have asked for the collection company's name and have been given different names, reverse look ups of these companies are not found on any google search. One caller identified themselves as a " police officer" and when I asked for a badge number or department name, they started becoming angry stating they said "collection officer" I informed the caller I was a police officer and she hung up on me. I called back 3 times using the number on my caller id on my phone. She answered and as soon as I identified myself she hung up the phone. Then she called my cellphone 21 times within a 2 hour window and when I answered she hung up on me and I heard her talking and laughing in the background. I finally received a call from a "Sabrina" identifying herself as the supervisor. I asked for an address to "mail in payment once I received proof the bulbs were mailed" and received a P.O. Box number. I asked her if any information was in her computer system regarding do not call and explained the 1 time donation situation 6mnths ago. She stated that no information was in the computer system & stated she would let her supervisor know (I asked her 3 times if she was the supervisor and she stated yes each time). She tried to get me to pay over the phone and when I refused she became angry and began arguing with me that I committed to the donation and as a thank you the bulbs were mailed & I needed to pay for them. I again explained the $25 one time donation, I didn't want bulbs and I wanted proof of this charity at this point & never agreed to $44.50. I stated I was filing a complaint and next step is a lawyer for harassment by telecommunications. She said she didn't care and would continue to call until they received their payment.
    All the numbers (I have blocked an additional 5 total that are not listed) they all are from Michigan, these are the most frequent lines that call numerous times a day. Each of these numbers and callers have been told to stop calling and any communication should be through mail but the same numbers continue to call. The callers are to the point I recognize their voices and they each claim I am not on a do not call list or any information is logged in their system, 2 are females the rest are males, all claim they will note the information. (248)-481-9256; (248)-481-3519; (248)451-1527; (313)-627-0141; (313)-808-2827; (248)-334-3466. I went online and using these numbers I was able to get it traced all to the same address & company name. These are the most recent numbers and as they come in I keep blocking them but can't keep up. I did not order light bulbs, I did only state a 1 time donation of $25 once I got a letter/statement/any paperwork, now they state I committed to buying the light bulbs at $44.50, I never received the bulbs or anything/mailings from this company. I started looking into this company and the issues and online research "blogs" people have complained of the same exact incidents and many state the calls do not stop. The attorney generals office in Ohio has forbid them from contacting Ohio residents and were forced to pay back money collected. Half stated they never received the bulbs (have similar stories to mine), the other half claim the bulbs were broken or smashed when arrived. A few paid the amount to stop the calls but continue to receive calls that payment wasn't received. Many complaints state it is a scam & they hire prison parolee's and have been linked to many credit card information being stolen or used. Many returned the bulbs to the sender and the calls continue that the bulbs were never returned therefor payment was still due or were told there is no return policy. All amounts vary from $25 to $100. All claim to be an American Handicap or Disabled Workers or Vets program.
    When I finally received an address this is what I received: P.O Box 431064, Pontiac, Michigan 48343. Phone number to "corporate line" which is always "unavailable" (248)-334-3466. Another address and company name that keeps coming up is: AHDW; 138 North Saginaw Street, Pontiac Michigan 48342
    All toll free numbers have been disconnected that I have received or on reverse look up. Older posts have numbers that have been disconnected and they get new ones all to the same address.
    This company claims to have revenue of 1.25 million dollars, I also would like to see the percentage that is going to our American Handicap or Disabled Workers/Vets.

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    • My demands: stop harassing calls & what percentage is going to this charity
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    Feb 24, 2016
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