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    I sign up with AT&T April 2 2016 and every month my charges keep going up. I also do not get on demand. its going going on 4 weeks and the att personel on the phone will not give me a reason. I was told that I was being charge for feature that are to be free to me for 3 months as a promotion for signing up with att. I an being charge for late fees. I have asked AT&T to change my billing due date. but I still being charge for late fee's. I called to complaint and was change to another service and the subject got change and i was not able to take care of the late fee. i was told if i close the tv contract service that i would have to pay over $400.00. every different department has different info about my account and i am not able to resolve my issue with clarity'

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    • My demands: sence all these thing have happened to me i want out of my tv contract with out a fee.
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    Jun 12, 2016
    Complaint #: 1530
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