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    I entered into a contract w/Bestway Investments Inc. on May 23,2016 to forward freight to their customers for a fee per package. One of those packages was an item from Cabella's sporting goods. I Just received a letter from Cabella's stating I owed them $527.94 because their records showed a chargeback against the credit card used for the purchase was denied by credit card company! This was not a purchase I made. My only connection was that I forwarded this item to an address in Texas. I was never paid for the 4 items I forwarded for this co.

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    • My demands: $60.00 for services rendered
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $60.00
    Sep 06, 2016
    Complaint #: 1926
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    Bestway Investments Inc
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Mary Hines

Nov 30, 2016 10:47 PM

Thank You sooo much. I am a senior seeking some work from home to make ends meet. I ran across this link on a senior link. I was so happy to see that I didn't have to pay out of pocket for anything. It sound to good to be true. I was all set to do something so simple as to mail packages. When I looked deeper into it It got to be more sceptical. I was troubled when they asked for a copy of my license. That was a RED FLAG for me. Why would they ask for something so personal. Identity theft is all over the globe. I can't afford to risk that. I dug deeper by call the 411 operator. I asked for their address she said it didn't exist. The phone number didn't exist either. How could these people scam the poor like this. I am so upset. I even emailed them twice and got no answer. Thanks again!


Sep 10, 2016 10:52 PM

Hi! (sorry for my english, I'm french) I was very curious when I saw this job description, I thought this is to good to be true. I made a lot of researches but, it's very hard to find result with their name. So, first thing I checked was the address given on their website. I looked on google street, it seemed like a block of multiple offices. So I checked with the pricise address on google, and I found a website for another company called Jim Into Math (jim enterprise). An entirely different service.. Plus I looked for type of scams concerning resending packages, and clearly we have to stay away from that type of job. They didn't mention the name of bestway direct store, it was many stories with other scams, but the type of job was exactly the same.. so I would stay away, considering also that their address doesn't seem real. But for the other stories, the type of scam, is that the articles we have to re-send are in fact stolen items, clothes or iphone, ipad, and so on. Of course we don't know it's stolen, and they seem to say that often it's stolen with our money, they find a way to have our info. Maybe it's with our passport ou driver license I don't know, but there were cases where they stole money of the person who was resending the packages. An the money they pay is not real, one women whom wanted to stay anonymous, said her bank called her, because she had about $28,000 received in her account but it was possibly fraudulent. Which they discovered afterward that yes it was, her money had to be transfered to another account. So I don't have a certified proof that best way direct store is fraud, but I think I found enough information to stay away from them. And since I had so much difficulty finding information, I though I would write on every site I found that they mention their name, maybe this will help someone else. It's still your decision, since I just said I don't have a direct proof, but at least you have more info to make your decision. As for my part, I will forget it! Too bad because I was really interested.