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  • What the BBB doesn't want you to know. The BBBs' A+ rating, AJR policy and the Pay to Play scam.


    Is the BBB's A+ rating meaningless? If it is, does that make the BBB a scam?

    Would you bite the hand that’s feeding you? What happens if you did? Would they stop feeding you?

    Everyone knows that the BBB drives their revenue directly from large businesses and corporations (and a few small scared ones). These businesses pay to be accredited. They pay the BBB to rate them A+. They Pay to Play! These businesses are the BBB's clients, not you the consumer. Anyone out there thinks this is inherently wrong? Like a fox guarding your hen house! Is it fair to say that in order to maintain the BBB's yearly revenue they would have to keep their paying clients happy? Whose side do they favor their paying clients or you the consumer? If you were paying the BBB to be an A+ accredited business, would you continue to pay the BBB after they lowered your rating to a B? Why would you? What would be the point? What company would want to advertise that they are a BBB accredited B rated company! See their dilemma? Starting to get the picture? Would the BBB even exist without their revenue (payoffs for protection) from businesses?

    The BBB states: "The role of the BBB isn't to judge the quality of a company's products or services, nor is it to recommend certain companies over others". Think about that statement! They are stating an unaccredited C rated business can give you a better quality product or service than an accredited A+ rated business? They are stating that they don't care about the quality of the product or service you receive from one of their clients? So the quality of a product or service has no impact on the rating they give a business or one of their clients! Are you a little confused now? We were too!

    So what is the BBB good for then? Ah! That’s right, they are good for collecting and judging complaints against a business or one of their paying clients. And that would be good if…... Read on.

    Who makes the BBBs’ policies? Who governs the BBBs? Did you guess the BBB (CBBB)? Does the BBB have to report and publish all complaints and reviews filed against their clients? Take a guess! The answer is no! Wouldn’t you think to trust the BBB they should report and publish all complaints, good and bad? They don’t have to! They make the rules! They judge if their client’s rebuttal against your complaint is truthful and addresses all the issues filed in your complaint? Is the picture starting to get any clearer?

    Now let’s talk about AJR. After researching complaints filed with the BBB, we found no one knew what the initials AJR meant in a complaint status. Yes, we found reviews that said it meant “Administratively Closed”. Partially correct! But no one knew what the initials AJR actually stood for. Starting in 2016 the BBB we dealt with said they no longer use the initials AJR in a complaint status. (Oops, they used it in ours!) They now use “Administratively Closed”. Anyone want to take a guess what AJR stands for? Give up? Ok, it stands for “Administratively Judged Resolved”. Why is this important? One of the BBB's conditions for lowering a business’s rating is a complaint that goes unresolved. When a complaint goes unresolved for an unaccredited business the BBB lowers their rating. This is why small unaccredited businesses fear them. It coerces them into paying the BBB to become accredited (or to deal with the consequences)! When a complaint goes unresolved for one of their A+ accredited businesses the BBB steps in and Administratively Judges the complaint Resolved and then Administratively Closes it, without out the consumer’s consent. That’s basically how the “Pay to Play” Scam works! This Scam has been reported nationwide. That’s how an “Administratively Closed” complaint is published and reported to you as “Resolved”. That’s how the BBBs are able to keep their paying clients happy! Remember they make their own rules. Any seriously damaging complaint against their clients will not get published and reported to you (like ours). If a damaging complaint does get published, it is labeled as “Resolved” (without any explanation)! Have you ever read a complaint against a company and wondered to yourself, how is the company going to resolve this one? So you read on only to find the complaint was labeled “Resolved”, no explanation! That complaint was AJR. Remember the BBB’s motto is “Start with trust”! Ask all the consumers who had their complaints AJR and reported to you as "Resolved", if they have any trust in the BBB! And know some of their complaints didn’t even get reported and published. How many complaints has the BBB covered up? We the consumers will never know! Is the picture getting any clearer yet? The BBB will not lose a paying client! The BBB will not bite the hand that’s feeding them!

    We are sure there are some consumers out there that still believe and trust that the BBB will judge a complaint without bias. To them, we say “WAKE UP”! Big businesses influence our political system. Are you telling us they have no influence over the BBB, a business they are paying to rate them A+? Do you know who comprises the majority of the Directors of the BBB and CBBB? If the picture isn’t clear by now, we can’t help you! But humor us and try this anyways. Use every search engine on the internet. Search for this phrase and include the quotation marks: “BBB is a Scam”. Then try to tell us the BBB A+ rating means something. We found more complaints against the BBB than any other business on the internet.

    If it walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck, WAKE UP, it’s a Duck! When the only reason businesses are paying the BBB is to be rated A+, the BBB has no choice but to keep rating them A+ or lose them as a paying client! Do you get the picture now? It should be crystal clear! The BBB should be considered corrupt because they practice AJR! Money talks! If it looks like a Scam, acts like a Scam, WAKE UP, it’s a Scam! In the truest meaning of the word Scam, the “BBB IS A SCAM”!

    Take our complaint against a big roofing company. What this company did to us was despicable. We filed a complaint with the BBB and gave them indisputable proof of its validity. We even proved to the BBB this company lied in their rebuttals. The BBB “Administratively Closed” our complaint using AJR. You can’t find our complaint (Case #37061911) on their site because they refuse to report and publish it. But you can read our review on this site (Sherriff Gosling Roofing Company and the Mansfield, Ohio branch) and decide for yourself. It’s a much shorter version of our BBB complaint. After reading our reviews please let us know if you agree with the following;

    -Its ok for this BBB A+ rated roofing company to lie to get the job (and break the contract) and still keep their A+ rating.

    -Its ok for this BBB A+ rated roofing company to put on a complete new roof that was all crap and had to be torn off and still keep their A+ rating?

    -Its ok for this BBB A+ rated roofing company to tack on fraudulent ridge vents, with the intent to defraud, and still keeps their A+ rating.

    -Its ok for this BBB A+ rated roofing company to show disrespect by spilling a half gallon of paint on our patio, leaving, never returning to clean it up and still keep their A+ rating?

    -Its ok for this BBB A+ rated roofing company to take one year to put on our average size residential roof and still keep their A+ rating?

    -Its ok for this BBB A+ rated roofing company to force us to accept their restored overhang (crap) in order to get the corporation to step in and put on another roof to replace the first roof they put on that was all crap and still keep their A+ rating?

    -It is ok for this BBB A+ roofing company's executive vise-president to tell us the people responsible for all this now have a continuing interest in our roof though the ten year guarantee portion of our contract (right after they tore off everything they were responsible for) and still keep their A+ rating?

    Have you ever heard of a roofing company that put on complete new roof that was all crap and had to be completely torn off and replace with another new roof? It just doesn’t happen! It did to us and we were forced to live thru this hell for a year! How can a BBB A+ rated company do this and still remain A+?

    At the time we wrote this the BBB had five reviews and twenty-three complaints for this company. Ours were not included (we summited a review too)! Where are they? Please ask the BBB serving Western Michigan where Case #37061911 is! We are sure they will have a good answer. You don’t run a scam as big as this one and not have a good line of bull that people are inclined to believe! But then again, where is our complaint and review?

    Believe it or not this company refused to address any of our issues in their rebuttals against our BBB complaint! They stated the BBB was not the place to get into a point to point discussion over our issues! The BBB stated their rebuttals seem to address all the issues and “Administratively Closed” our complaint using AJR. Since it was THEIR JUDGEMENT call, we asked the BBB what they saw in this company's rebuttals that seem to address each of our issues. They refused to answer us! This is why you will never see our complaint or review reported and published on their site. And when another consumer files a complaint like ours, it won't be reported and published either. These complaints would lower this company's rating. So how can the BBB's A+ rating mean anything when they cover up all damaging complaints using AJR. If an unaccredited BBB company did the same thing to us, do you think the BBB would still rate them A+? The "Pay to Play“ scam, using their AJR policy (now called “Administratively Closed”), is openly practiced at all BBBs!!!

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    • My demands: Post our full complaint or review on the Sherriff-Goslin Roofing Company
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $10,000.00
    Aug 22, 2016
    Complaint #: 1867
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