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  • Lying Thieves without Ethics


    I was approached by the office manager with a total cost for a crown and deep cleaning was approximately $1200. She told me if my crown was not covered I would owe another $480. I agreed to the charges and had the work performed. Months later a bill came due for another $879. I was told the insurance did not pay for anything. She claimed the insurance company did not hear her say I did not have exclusions. I believed she did not mention anything. I'm pretty positive that office is to blame for everything that went wrong. My bill doubled and they expected me to pay for their mistake. I was told I could be put on a payment plan. I paid the $497 for the crown my insurance didn't cover. Then they sent me a bill for some bogus charge. An over charge! A charge because they hiked up the cost. I refuse to pay that because that was not part of the deal. When I was approached by the manager before I signed the paper stating I would pay if my insurance did not cover the treatment an extra $879 was not in the cards. So they I sent it to the board of pharmacy and they shifted that fee to the deep cleaning and sent me to the collection agency. I paid $279.00 to get that off my record only for them to send anther bill for $112.00 for some other cleaning fee and then another bill for $67.00 for deep cleaning. I have not paid either of these bills. I went to the dentist in February of 2015 and I am still receiving bill in December. The funny thing is, I was warned by a family member that this office had a history of this type of behavior. Strange enough I work in a pharmacy and a customer of mine came into the pharmacy and told me a similar story. She too had a complaint about this office. They also did the same thing to her! They have a reputation for the BAIT and Switch! They cheat their customers! They are the most disgusting, gross and unethical dentist office I have ever encountered in my life. Every time I see a dentist bill my blood boils. I honestly can understand why people lose their minds hurt other people. It makes me think of what happened in California. Dental Works should not be so greedy and evil, it's not worth it!

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    • My demands: Accept the money you have been paid and clear off the balance. Remove the debt the from the collection agency.
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $189.00
    Dec 22, 2015
    Complaint #: 859
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