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  • She is a bid ass scammer she just want money


    Jessica Palmer almost scammed me tonight for 2000 dollars but thank you for your resent post she got screwed so people stay away from this person.

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    • My demands: That she gets put inn jail
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $0.00
    • Agents: Jessica Palmer
    • Phone: 408-780-1537
    • URL: [email protected]
    Feb 22, 2017
    Complaint #: 2456
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  • Custom or money laundering scam


    I know him from FB,,he said he wants to travel to Malaysia . He told me that he bring 4millions USD because he wants to.buy some.equipment in China after seeing me.in Malaysia. There was a lady named noormadiah binti mohd isa acted as a custom officer called me up and tell me that Alex was arrested by the custom because of his money he brought..and need 5400ringgit Malaysia to do the declaration.after paying that she asked another 15thousands ringgit Malaysia again because of the money is too big..and asked another 10thousands for the tax..after that asked for another 21thousands for general custom report from the London custom..I released that they are a group of custom scam.Alex.told.me that he will.be jail if he cannot pay thAt amount.I asked him to call his family in London and he give many excuses...lastly he asked again 15800 for the Gst..the following day he called me.that an Australian man help him to pay RM3000..and he said he will pay back my money..they are liars

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    • My demands: I asked him.to pay back.my money
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $13,000.00
    • Agents: Alex Wilson
    • Phone: +44-746-648-6346
    • URL: [email protected]
    Feb 04, 2017
    Complaint #: 2404
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  • Facebook Lotto giveaway


    A so-called friend told see seen my name on a list of winners. So I believed her. Karen Sharkey and her friend Carolyn Wahl from Fl. scammed me as to believe I won the Face-Book Lotto. I believed them. The elaborate scheme sold me. i lost 3,000.00. plus. They also had an address in Spokane Washington zip-99207. The name in Wa. is Jeanette Wilson.

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    • My demands: If I can recoup that would be fine. If not at least we can filter out the scammers.
    • User Recommendation: Use with caution
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $3,000.00
    Jan 30, 2017
    Complaint #: 2396
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    Mr. Olumide Raphael Adeyemi, Tell me he his real in doing Business with him and the first time he collected my money, which I transferred to him, and the deal went abortive. Which is 12,500 and the second day he put some lines together which I believed him, and send another 10,000 naira to him?
    The Same thing reoccur, and I chatted with him and he blocked me. and later open new WhatsApp to follow him talk and we both again agreed and he sends his Bank details again and I Send another 23,000 naira to him and him didn't say anything. This morning 7th January 2017, this morning his now telling me I should go and do whatever pleases me, Pls help me and do something, All our chat and evidence is here with me. This is his details:

    Bank Name: Skye Bank
    Account Name: Olumide Raphael Adeyemi
    Account Number: 104104****
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ol...

    Pls kindly help me get my money back, his such a Heartless guy and pls help me....

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    • My demands: 86,000.00
    • User Recommendation: Recommended
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $278.00
    • Agents: Olumide Raphael Adeyemi
    • Phone: 0812-761-6146, 0907-942-5184
    • URL: [email protected]
    Jan 07, 2017
    Complaint #: 2340
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    She posted a picture of a 1 ct diamond solitare ring on Facebook and said that it was for sale for $500. She said that her sister had been cheated on by a looser of a guy and that she just needed enough for it to make a deposit for a new apartment to get away from the creep. I sent her a message and told her to look out for a few people because they would try to see if she had any wiggle room and stay firm on the price. I told her that if she still had the ring by the next Monday (4 days later), I would buy it. I never heard anything else until Monday afternoon she sent me a message asking if I was still interested. I asked her if she could give me any kind of grading report on the ring. She tells me that it's all in the paperwork her sister has and she will get back to me. Because I have been working with her, her sister decides she will take $400 for the ring. I'm thinking that it's a good deal so I ask her if she will take Paypal. She says she will and gives me her email. When I go to set it up, she says that Paypal will hold the money too long and asks me if I will agree to a Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart fund exchange. I told her I wasn't familiar with that. She gives me complete directions on doing the 10 minute exchange and the next morning provides me with a Tracking # for my ring. When I open the package, there is a $5 costume jewelry ring in the envelope. It's been a month later and Kari won't answer my calls, emails & she has blocked me on Facebook.

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    • My demands: $395 back or I can return the ring and I want all $400 back!
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $395.00
    • Agents: Kari Stockum
    • Phone: 330-204-9737
    Dec 15, 2016
    Complaint #: 2290
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  • Skype scam and black mail


    I thought a girl and I met and we're going to Skype. Turns out it's a guy named Michael calot and he recorded and demanded I send 100$ or he would send the video to family and friends. Hacked my Facebook and got their names.

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    • My demands: Money back and he be arrested
    • User Recommendation: Recommended
    • Resolution: Resolved
    • Monetary damages: $50.00
    • Agents: Michael Calot
    • URL: [email protected]
    Dec 05, 2016
    Complaint #: 2265
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Public discussion


Chima Ubochi

Apr 11, 2017 7:33 PM

I also fell for the Moses Mims scam, this is my unfortunate story: Since February 12, 2017, I have been scammed by an individual in Detroit, MI named Moses Mims. Moises Mims was a fellow online marketer and Facebook friend. He has been a friend since at least September 2014. I told him that I just got fired two days prior, I don't think I can afford to do this, he still persisted. He told me that if I send him some money through PayPal, he would let me join his company and let me work for him at $100/hr. Unfortunately, he kept on asking for money, which he still is doing as of right now, claiming that the money is going towards processing fees. Unfortunately, I lost almost $2000, including $1000 that my mom gave to me in the form of a check that was supposed to go towards me paying off part of my student loan debt. I was also temporarily kicked out of the house because my mom found out that I gave the money to the scammer named above on March 11. While I was homeless, I told Mims that because of your actions, this is what happened, he still asked me to wire him more money for the processing fees. As of right now, my mother let me come back to live with her, but I can no longer drive where I want. I can only use the car to drive to work and tutor a high school student. Additionally, I can only sleep on the floor downstairs, and my mother does not trust me in regards to finances, or in general. Today (April 8, 2017) my credit card account was closed since the balance was to low and debt too high. I told Mims about my dilemma, but he kept on asking for more money. I have been pushed into deeper debt because of this scam and have no idea what to do next.

Leonard Elmera

Mar 06, 2016 8:03 PM

Let's use logic.I had a Youtube subscriber that was trolling my account because they didn't like my point of view.They posted photos of a mugshot from 10 years ago fo an incident that I wasn't even convicted of to smear my reputation.Now they take to ripoff report to say I stole $700 from them ? They say that I'm a racist ? Vicky sounds like a white woman to me,if my videos on youtube support my views;why would vicky (I believe she is white a by the sound of her name ) go to a "well known "black racist" for anything ? Now she says "Joshua" I stated this persons name in a Youtube video so this is how this inidvidual got that name of that inidividual. This is nothing more than a smear campaign by an angry youtube troll I just reported today for weeks of harassment on FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE.I don't know anyone named Vicky this is nothing but a lie.You should be ashamed of yourself. This is the Youtube troll called "White Witch"and on facebook they are going by a fake account named called "Tata Kaka" with my mugshot from 10 years ago from an incident I wasn't even convicted of.Now I hope you guys can see that this person is a wack job and a pathological liar. Dear white people don't let this white person paint you all to be evil because I believe there are some good white people out here. DON'T BELIEVE THE LIES.