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  • Internet Facebook wire scam


    Told me I won a lottery from Facebook. I paid 2000.00 for taxes and delivery that never took place. She then had someone pretending to be Fedex driver contact me. She continued to harass me wanting 1700 more for customs.

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    • My demands: I want all monies returned and her arrested
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $2,000.00
    • Agents: Letty Hill
    • Phone: 770-299-8974
    Aug 24, 2016
    Complaint #: 1878
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  • Pandora rings on facebook


    I ordered 4 rings never got confirmation, money was taken out of my account. After a lot of chasing my rings finally arrived but they were very very poor quality. Again after several emails they agreed to a refund I am still waiting!!!!

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    • My demands: Money back
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $62.00
    Jun 28, 2016
    Complaint #: 1633
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  • Scam scam return money


    Contacted me through one of my friends on Facebook said my name was on a winning list they wanted money.

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    • My demands: I want my money back
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $90.00
    • Agents: Cory Johnson
    • Phone: 512-354-2978
    Jun 23, 2016
    Complaint #: 1610
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  • Trying to get moneys from me


    I met him on Facebook 3 months ago and this week he has asked me for a lot of moneys and he is using the above e-mail addy also i also have his e-mails to prove it.

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    • My demands: please remove him from the e-mail service
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $35,000.00
    • Agents: Richard Tella
    • URL: [email protected]
    Jun 16, 2016
    Complaint #: 1561
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  • scaming me out of 500.00 dollars


    On this past Friday my face book Got hacked .I could not get on my page. So a number came up to call ( 877-761-5159 ) and they told me that I would have to pay them 100.00 dollars just to get me back on my page. And then they said that I would have to pay them 400.99 to keep this from happening again. I told them I did not have that kind of money. Because I have a brain tumor and I have to pay med bills ever other month. And I had all ready spent my extra money this month on face book to play some of the games. I am a disabled widow. Than they started to threaten me telling that my friends will be receiving horrible emails from me . I have tried every thing that I know to do to get in touch with face book and I cant get a response from them. still cant get on my page. And I have over 500.00 dollars invested in the games on there. If they wont fix the problem than I want them to refund my money back to my bank account. I am sure the man I talk to is probably the hacker and does not work for face book. But I gave you his number so you can check him out. My problem with face book is the fact that you cant get in touch with them and they promise that your account is secure. Well I beg to differ.

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    • My demands: Back in to my fack book or my money back
    • User Recommendation: Use with caution
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $500.00
    • Phone: 877-761-5159
    Jun 14, 2016
    Complaint #: 1540
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  • Gift and Money scam Facebook


    I have been asked for address and cell number to be sent a large 30 kg. Package. I was told it is coming by way of London, Malaysia, India and once there I need to pay an additional fee of $600 to have it shipped to me. I verified address and was told when Bhati BWC Express contacted me to send money by Western Union as soon as possible to a Mr. Donald Paul Weintz in New Delhi, India. Was also told by Howard that there is a large sum of money in package he didn't report, so I need to send money fast so shipper doesn't find. Seems really sketchy that if you pay shipping fees to send and your name on the receipt says "Lawrence" Howard George and more fees need to be paid that something isn't right.
    Checked into his info and his high school was in Ohio, USA but he has always lived in London, England. . RED FLAG.

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    • My demands: Want Mr Howard Lawrence George, Mr Donald Paul Weintz, and Bhati BWC Express shut down and unable to scam others.
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $0.00
    • Agents: Howard Lawrence George
    May 11, 2016
    Complaint #: 1311
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Public discussion


Chima Ubochi

Apr 11, 2017 7:33 PM

I also fell for the Moses Mims scam, this is my unfortunate story: Since February 12, 2017, I have been scammed by an individual in Detroit, MI named Moses Mims. Moises Mims was a fellow online marketer and Facebook friend. He has been a friend since at least September 2014. I told him that I just got fired two days prior, I don't think I can afford to do this, he still persisted. He told me that if I send him some money through PayPal, he would let me join his company and let me work for him at $100/hr. Unfortunately, he kept on asking for money, which he still is doing as of right now, claiming that the money is going towards processing fees. Unfortunately, I lost almost $2000, including $1000 that my mom gave to me in the form of a check that was supposed to go towards me paying off part of my student loan debt. I was also temporarily kicked out of the house because my mom found out that I gave the money to the scammer named above on March 11. While I was homeless, I told Mims that because of your actions, this is what happened, he still asked me to wire him more money for the processing fees. As of right now, my mother let me come back to live with her, but I can no longer drive where I want. I can only use the car to drive to work and tutor a high school student. Additionally, I can only sleep on the floor downstairs, and my mother does not trust me in regards to finances, or in general. Today (April 8, 2017) my credit card account was closed since the balance was to low and debt too high. I told Mims about my dilemma, but he kept on asking for more money. I have been pushed into deeper debt because of this scam and have no idea what to do next.

Leonard Elmera

Mar 06, 2016 8:03 PM

Let's use logic.I had a Youtube subscriber that was trolling my account because they didn't like my point of view.They posted photos of a mugshot from 10 years ago fo an incident that I wasn't even convicted of to smear my reputation.Now they take to ripoff report to say I stole $700 from them ? They say that I'm a racist ? Vicky sounds like a white woman to me,if my videos on youtube support my views;why would vicky (I believe she is white a by the sound of her name ) go to a "well known "black racist" for anything ? Now she says "Joshua" I stated this persons name in a Youtube video so this is how this inidvidual got that name of that inidividual. This is nothing more than a smear campaign by an angry youtube troll I just reported today for weeks of harassment on FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE.I don't know anyone named Vicky this is nothing but a lie.You should be ashamed of yourself. This is the Youtube troll called "White Witch"and on facebook they are going by a fake account named called "Tata Kaka" with my mugshot from 10 years ago from an incident I wasn't even convicted of.Now I hope you guys can see that this person is a wack job and a pathological liar. Dear white people don't let this white person paint you all to be evil because I believe there are some good white people out here. DON'T BELIEVE THE LIES.