Consumer FAQ:

What does it cost to become a member of Angry Citizen?

Angry Citizen is a free service where consumers can report unlawful or suspicious actions of businesses and individuals. Our consumer-based website is dedicated to exposing scams and keeping consumers informed on any new frauds, both on- and offline.

Is my personal information safe with Angry Citizen?

You will be required to choose a username to create and activate your account. Your username will be displayed publicly on Angry Citizen, but your private information will remain private.

Once a business resolves my issue, may I remove my complaint?

A complaint cannot be removed from the website; however, you may mark your report as “Resolved.” If a complaint has been marked as “Resolved” for 90 days with no further complaints submitted, the business or individual may request a full removal from our website. Removal requests are assessed and handled to our discretion.

Can I add additional information after I submit my complaint?

You may add a public comment to your complaint at any time.

Does Angry Citizen investigate complaints?

Angry Citizen does not investigate the complaints. However, Angry Citizen will assist government agencies with any investigations if needed and required.

How does Angry Citizen deal with false complaints?

Users are responsible for their actions on Angry Citizen. By accepting our user agreement and submitting content to our service, you must agree that you will refrain from writing defamatory or hurtful comments. These include harmful remarks and statements that may be abusive or libelous.

Any impersonation of an Angry Citizen administrator or business representative is strictly forbidden. False information and any abusive behavior to consumers, businesses, and administrators will not be tolerated by our service and could result in ejection from the website or legal action taken against the individual in question.

Our team does not tolerate any bribes, threats, or abuse towards staff and members of this website. Please contact us if you've experienced any false or defamatory complaints and we will be happy to help resolve any issues.

What happens after a complaint is submitted?

Your complaint will be posted to Angry Citizen after submission. Company representatives will be able to create a free account in order to contact you and settle any issues.

Business FAQ:

How can businesses get involved with Angry Citizen?

Businesses may create a free account with Angry Citizen to resolve any complaints submitted against their organization.

How do businesses contact the author of the complaint?

After your business account has been activated, any complaints about your company will be automatically listed on your page. Businesses can utilize our internal messaging system to communicate with authors in real time.

The complainant hasn't responded to my messages. What do I do?

Angry Citizen has the right to change the complaint status to “Resolved” when communication efforts go unanswered for a prolonged period of time. A comment from administrators will be posted to the complaint stating the consumer's failure to respond to communication attempts from the business.

Can businesses post a public comment to a complaint?

Business account holders may post official comments directly on the complaint page. The response will be displayed publicly in a special area of the complaint.

Can consumers delete their complaints after a conflict is resolved?

While complaints are unable to be removed by consumers, your business's Angry Citizen rating will not be negatively affected if it has reached a "Resolved" status.

After 60 days of a “Resolved” status, with no other un-resolved complaints present, business may submit a removal request to Angry Citizen. Our service handles each request on a case by case basis.

Please be honest when posting to Angry Citizen.

We are strict with our defamation clause. Consumers and businesses alike may not post any false information under any circumstances. If a defamation complaint is required by a subpoena or court ruling, Angry Citizen has the right to share full information provided by our members.

If you have further questions, please send us a message.