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  • Order Delivered but the INVOICE was unpaid


    Hello :

    I would like to notify here to be careful when doing business with this person from Greece. He is the owner of Aquart Ltd in Greece ( importer of Live ornamental fish, aquarium plants etc ).

    ( The link we got from Helenic Police : https://www.businessregistry.g... )

    We supplied him for garra rufa fish since 2012, but we never thought that he conned us in the end for our fish spa consignment to him on June 08-2016.

    Prior to deliver the fishes to him on June 07-2016 we asked him to send his transfer receipt, and he replied on June 08-2016. He told and convinced us that we would received the money with the correct beneficiary's name ( because he transferred the payment with wrong name previously ) and he will place another order for next week.
    Because we believed that he would send the receipt, so we delivered his order to Greece by Qatar Airways.

    But, it was beyond our thought that on June 09-2016 he sent email and told us like this :
    "I am sorry but yesterday without any info they trs automatically from the account of Eurobank an amount of a loan so I couldn't cover. Tomorrow I will send the copy."

    We thought that his bank deducted his money for his loan, but we don't know for sure.
    We already contacted to Eurobank in Greece.

    His words " Tomorrow I will send the copy " ( transfer receipt ) was a lie.
    He never sent it until now.

    We had contacted him more than 20 times to his mobile phone, but he never picked it up. From so many SMS messages only replied once, but not telling about the payment.

    We have sent emails many times, but he replied when he wanted to. No payment news, only fake promises and told that he has no money.

    This person has created financial problem to us without responsibility to settle the unpaid invoice. Actually, when he received the good from us, he got the money from his clients when he sold the fishes, so he could transferred the money to us. but he didn't do it. He kept the money ( "our money ") and never sent it until now.

    I already warned him that I'm going to report his bad attitude in business to, but he has no action at all.

    So, please beware of him.

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    • My demands: Please pay the unpaid commercial invoice dated June 08-2016 ASAP.
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $1,827.22
    Aug 03, 2017
    Complaint #: 2706
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