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    On 12-30-2015 I purchased a printer and given this web site for assistance.
    Upon entering the aforementioned site I was prompted several times by an online customer assistant to call the following telephone numberfor technical support.
    The call was answered ,"Technical support how may I help you today".
    As far as I can remember the following information was gathered from me, by an individual calling himself a "tech" named "Ryan",
    My, Name first and last, Email, phone number, (using the area code he ascertained where I live).
    The make and model of the printer I purchased, If it was purchased online or not, If it were being hooked up to a tower or laptop,
    "Ryan" then told me he would be more than happy to help fix the problem.
    He instructed me to turn my laptop, being specific as to what I should do and when (one step at a time). I asked him why I was following these instructions he replied that in order to help with the problem he was going to access my laptop and work off my system and screen, that he would need pass codes and passwords makes and models of the equipment.
    At that point I told him he must have bumped his head at work, I didn't care who he worked for I wasn't granting any one access to my computer.
    repeatedly I asked to speak to his supervisor.
    The sixth time I said it was the sixth time requesting a supervisor "He has left for the day"
    I asked for the corporate number his employee or badge number.
    He states "It is not our policy to give corporate information to the public"
    After terminating the call I called back, An unidentified Male answered I requested to talk to a supervisor.
    A female individual picked up the line identifying herself as "Angel"
    After a brief conversation , I asked for the corp. office number and was told "It is not our policy to give corporate information to the public" verbatim, word for word what i was told on the prior call!
    "Angel" gave me another site claiming it was a canon site.
    That site wanted to charge I did call the canon toll free number and was assured that Canon would never charge for up dates. The individual I talked to at Canon stated a couple weeks ago he had a call where the "Lady" stated a company had accessed her laptop in the same fashion and held it until a fee was paid.

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    • My demands: No demands. scam was stopped.
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $0.00
    Dec 31, 2015
    Complaint #: 893
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