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  • They say they are health insurance but they are not


    I searched online for affordable health insurance in WI. i found this place and called. they gave me to a so called agent who talked very fast - but found a plan that of course was the cheapest i ran across - should have been a red flag. she said it was a PPO she said no deductible - she said it was nationwide. after she took all my info including my debit card, she had to transfer me to the verification department. she said they would go over the same things and that to save the questions for after and call her back if need be. he said instead of going over all the same stuff he would send me the terms and conditions via email and to just do electronic signatures and we would be done. he said to just read it later, another red flag. when i read it i found they are NOT insurance, they are NOT approved for the affordable care act, they do not pay providers directly. i called immediately back to cancel and maggie said she cancelled it, 2 hours later the 234.22 was coming out of my bank account. i called and cancelled my debit card and am not waiting for the bank to open so i can try and dispute this. THIS is what OBAMA care has done to poor people. I feel like moving to another country cause ours has gone down the toilet! i was better off without health care since i don't even use it and not i cant even take distributions from my IRA without it affecting this so called affordable health care law. so my complaint is against this company but also against our president who created a whole new way for people to scam others! thanks a lot!

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    • My demands: i want my money back!
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Resolved
    • Monetary damages: $234.22
    Mar 29, 2016
    Complaint #: 1102
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Sherry Josephs

Apr 01, 2016 12:26 PM

i did receive my money back after many complaints to several places. But it still remains that they misrepresent themselves and are NOT insurance. The Wi Insurance Commissioner has been notified that they are falsely leading consumers to purchase only to find out after that they are not a qualified insurance plan. so STILL beware dont take your chances - they are a fraudulent company.