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  • Approved my winnings then retracted of 15000 dollars


    I have been playing and got into a hole with this site. I spent over 25000 and got hooked and wanting just to get some back before I quit. I have made about 500 deposits and just one day a withdrawal came back of insufficient funds and it was a total mistake of about 150 dollars anyways I did not know about it played for up to 10 days on it every day and then I win big over 25000 anyways I request withdrawal which suppose to be in 24 hours but never happen so I keep playing and went down to 15000 and finally I said that's it I am emailing them then they ask for all this proof which I got for them it took them another 3 days. then finally I was approved I was so happy a single dad with 7-year-old little girl and I thought now I give this up and not make the mistake again. so I wait another couple days and they finally tell me the funds were confiscated because my deposit was returned but luke said that's okay they will just take the amount of the winnings. just a delay so that was fine. Then I wait couple more days and I call back and they say its confiscated and a wrote an email explaining this only happen one day in hundreds and hundreds of good deposits. I get an email from the operations department approving it again and to rub it in ask me so nicely what I am going to do with my winnings which I have these emails saved. Ashlee being so happy for me contrarotating me. I felt happy so I just went to check it again just couple hours ago and they confiscated it again in a cold email. so as you can imagine I feel like giving up on my life as they play with my feeling the last 2 weeks . ruining my life my daughters future and now I have no choice to go bankrupt. I am sick in the stomach. I know I made mistake for starting playing in the first place .they send emails every day wanting me to play with these so called deals. I got sucked in. I learn from it but I want my money this has been approved 3 times luke on email told me they will just subtract the amount from my winnings be just a delay but all was lies.I hope you can help and just yesterday approved it and said my winnings be there in 3 to 7 days. they did not even have the respect to tell me . such an unprofessional gaming it sickens me.just one day I made a bad deposit in 500 transactions and they use against me. they have no feelings and liars to the bone and now they are ev en advertising on the sports channel so sad. I will work every day of my life to warn people of the scams these people do.if I had lots of money I still do this because of principle. I hope you understand. I promise to go to facebook and twitter gaming commissions sports channel every where I think would make a different. I have nothing to lose I have lost everything. I have told them to stop emailing me stop calling with deals when I gave up playing. just controlled my life. I gave in after quitting many times. They never gave up the emails the deals. I hope you can help cause I'm the single dad now with bankruptcy to look forward too and you know how that hurts my daughter which I love with all my heart. They are so sweet taking my money but so hard to get from when you win squarely. I am happy to share my winnings with your help. God Bless!

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    • My demands: 15000 plus something for the cause of health issues which this has created.i have not slept in days
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $27,000.00
    Nov 26, 2016
    Complaint #: 2240
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