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  • Michael Oluwatosin Olaniyan and Margie Deck


    There are Africans living currently in Mirage by the Lake in front of Summer glades in Cyberjaya. My friend dated one of them and she found out that these Africans are overstaying and doesn’t have a valid visa no more. These people are doing fraud. They are pretending they are a white guy online and dating and getting people’s trust all over the world and getting a very big amount of money from these people. They hack credit card company’s database to be able to get card details and create a fraud credit card send it to their contacts in the U.S to be able to create a credit card and ask the old people whom they date located in America to be able to ask them to use the fraud credit card to but things like Iphone and send it here in Malaysia. My friend wants to report them in Cyberjaya Police station but when one of the them find it out she was beaten and now they are all scaring her that they will kill her if she reported them. She was able to capture the passport of her boyfriend on her mobile. And some pictures of him. These people lives in Mirage by the lake block A2, first floor, she forgot the unit number but is the first room when you get out of the elevator.

    A woman who is living in orange county California is connected to him who helped them with the fraud credit card, her name is Margie Deck. I have pictures of these people.

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    Dec 13, 2015
    Complaint #: 823
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