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    My name is Catherine , I’m 32 years old and I’m a victim of internet survey scam. I was browsing the internet when my attention was called by an advertisement regarding home base jobs for housewives which could allow me to earn extra cash . I was convinced to join the site which only ask for my name and address and nothing more. So I gave this informations on their site. After 3 days , I was surprised to received a mail from Walmart head office in Bentonville Arkansas with an enclosed check amounting to $1998.20.The letter congratulated me and said I am now hired as a Consumer Service Evaluator by Walmart. I was instructed to go online at and to log-in using the user ID # 5437 and the password: 331178 to activate my cheque and have the funds ready for deposit into my account .On the website , through a secured log-in account, I was given instruction to deposit the cheque into any of my accounts and to wait until the money becomes available within 12-24 hours . And I was so happy because everything took place the way they said it will, the total amount of the cheque $1998.20 got posted into my Citibank account right away without any hold or partial payment on it. So this in itself convinced me that the cheque was cleared and that the transaction I ‘m working on is really a legitimate one.
    And so, I withdraw the whole amount minus $350 which will be my fee for completing the transactions asks of me and honestly followed every steps I was told to do with the money. According to the instructions given to me I need to go to any Western Union stores and transfer $879 plus $58 transaction fee and to send it though money in minutes to their international processing center in ALBECETE SPAIN to a person named RAY ABLIS.I was also instructed to fill-up an online survey report and fax a copy of the receipt on the same day the transaction was completed. Then for my second survey, I was instructed to go to any Walmart store and to send money to ATLANTA ,GA using the Walmart2Walmart 10-minute service to a certain BRADLEY ABLIS for the amount of $592.00 with $52.25 fees and to provide a security question:WINNER ? and test answer :Marvin and upon completion to fill-up survey and fax the receipt to 989-266-5156 or scan to [email protected]
    I waited 3 days to see if my cheque would bounced back prior to completing the bigger transaction with Western Union because I wanted to make sure the cheque was completely cleared from it’s bank source. After 3 days I decided okay the total amount of the money was still on my checking account , so everything is fine and I was convinced that it was a legitimate transaction. Although I find it as a very time consuming mission to complete so I’m planning on making this my first and last assignment with Walmart just to get it over with. And so I completed all the missions as instructed.
    After 6 days,I received a returned cheque notice on my online checking account and the whole amount of $1,998.20 was debited into my available balance on my account and my account went over drawn.It was only then that I found out I was victimized by an online scam.
    I went to Citibank to ask why my cheque was returned and they said it was a fake cheque using a legitimize bank account number of another person from Wachovia bank, whom Citibank is aware to no longer exists and that Wachovia is now Wells Fargo according to Citibank manager. Per manager citibank does not have anything to do with it and that I was victimized by a very known on-line scam and internet fraud and that as a bank Citibank only followed the law that states they should make the fund available for the consumers the same day the cheques was deposited into their account weather it’s a legitimate check or a fraud check. The manager told me that citibank does not have a way of determining which check being deposited to them is fake and which one is not. And that it might took 3, 10 ,or 20 days or up to 6 months before the real owner of the account finds out that money was taken from his account number used on the fraudulent check without the account owner knowing it. And that it was only then when the account owner complained about loosing money from his account that the bank will know that the cheque was a fraud, once somebody complained about it and request for their money back.
    The way I see it,I would have not fall into this fraudulent activity if Citibank did not make the fraudulent cheque available in my account right away and if they have identified right away that the cheque was fake.On my part, I relied on Citibank to be a reliable bank and right now the bank is washing their hands and has their fingers pointed at me as the one who have done wrong as I was stupid enough to fall for the online scam. I lost a total of $1581.25 from this whole internet scam.
    I am posting this to make everyone there be aware of this internet scams and how we as the consumers are the only ones to suffer in the end because no bank, nor money sending business would pay attention to investigate on this kind of fraudulent activities since they are not affected at all by this fraud and instead it helps their company survive in the business industry.And so this make me wonder if this was all a scam plot initiated by the companies involved on it by themselves in order to get money from their consumers one way or another…. Unfortunately I’ve been very busy, focused on making money that I did not pay attention to scam reports online….And SO I became A VICTIM of the scam.

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    • My demands: full money back
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $1,581.25
    Nov 04, 2015
    Complaint #: 618
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