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Apr 30, 2016 8:07 PM

Did you report the bank account to your bank and to the police and to www.ic3.gov?

DrB Rhett

Apr 27, 2016 5:33 PM

I got ripped off by the same company. I received a shoddy piece of machinery and they strung me out for three years promising to fix it. Alibaba Review. Dec. 3, 2015 (Do yourself a favor and do not purchase equipment from this company) For the most part I have had successful dealings with the companies on Alibaba. I deal mostly with China for raw materials and manufacturing equipment. However there are some companies such as Nanjing Hanyoo Automation Tech Co. Ltd. with which I have had problems. I purchased a DTJ-V Encapsulation Machine from them s couple of years ago. It has never worked correctly and the manual is in very broken English and incomplete. The representative Jason Shing has always been very slow to respond to any requests and has had to communicate by sending videos back and forth. I have figured out many of the problems myself over a couple of years but the machine has cost me thousands of dollars as we are a small company and I was counting on it working correctly. Recently I sent capsules back to the company through Jason Shing and he said that the company thought I needed a new part. Since I have never been able to use the machine fully for years, I asked if they would pay for it. They refused. It was a $100 part. I then requested an exchange of parts for the faulty one with no charge. However, since I am in production, I requested that they send the part over and i would send the old one back. They refused this again. I asked Jason to please re inquire to the company as it was very important that I keep the old one for operation until I got the new one. Now he is ignoring communication. Although I have tried to have patience for a few years I am now running out of patience. I cannot give this company or this representative a good recommendation and would warn persons away from doing any business with them. Once again the company is Nanjing Hanyoo Automation Tech Co. Ltd. and the representative is Jason Shing. None of the repair recommendations fixed the machine. It is still dysfunctional after 3 years.