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  • A Secret Shopper Scam


    P&S did all of its correspondence via introduction by Email ([email protected]) and assignment by Texting (832) 301-8192. Once I showed interest in becoming a Secret Shopper, I immediately received a Text from a fellow named Edward Fuller ([email protected]) with an offer to become a Research Secret Shopper for P&S Market Research, Inc. and receive as much as $300 per assignment. I went on-line to see if there was such a business and sure enough, they are and it is a huge Research Marketing Firm doing business world-wide. It seemed legit and I was impressed with the Website, so I inquired about becoming a Secret Shopper. The next day I received a text from Edward Fuller with instructions that I would be receiving a parcel from USPS the next day and I was to follow the instructions inside.
    The next day a USPS Priority Mail Parcel did come, and it was a letter from Edward Fuller, a Shopper Questionnaire and a company check in the amount of $2998. I was very startled that such a large amount of money had been sent to me. The instruction told me to deposit the check into my checking account, wait for it to clear the next day, then immediately take out cash in the amount of $2600. I was to go to a US Post Office and get three USPS Money Orders, each for $850 (totaling-$2550) and purchase 5 books of stamps (totaling-$49). I was to keep $300 as my salary and the other $99 was to be used for the Overnight FEDEX of the Money Orders and Stamps to a location Edward Fuller would text me when I had accomplished assignment. Even though I was excited about doing this assignment, I didn't want to put their check into my checking account, so I opened a separate Savings Account at my bank and deposited it in that.
    The bank automatically put a hold on the check because it was Out-of-State. I won't be able to get the money out for three (3) days. Meanwhile Edward Fuller was texting me to get the money out and complete my assignment. The next day I looked at the account and it had not cleared, but the bank made it look like the funds were there, just not verified yet, so I took $2600 in cash out of my checking account and completed the task. Once finished, I notified Edward Fuller and he immediately sent me a text with the name and address of the Evaluation Officer the FEDEX Package was to be sent to: James Reed 5100FM 1960 RD W Apt 1815 Houston, TX. 77069. He told me in the text not to place a Signature Requirement upon delivery, but the FEDEX guy told me that I should as a precaution. The next day when it got to Houston, I received a very excited text from Edward Fuller that I had place a Signature requirement and he wanted me to call FEDEX and have it removed. The reason was that James Reed was on Holiday and they could not receive the package. I wanted to wait until the next day to call to see if the funds had been received and I had the money in my account. There was a release from hold that afternoon from the bank, so I called FEDEX and had the signature requirement removed. I got a text from Edward Fuller that they had gotten their package. Everything seemed legit at that point, then early this morning I got a noticed from my bank that a debit had been placed against my account due to a lack of funds by the other bank. When I called my bank, they said that it looked like the hold could be lifted because of a proper transfer, but within a few hours afterwards, the funds had been retracted and there was no money in the account. Now the weird thing is, I received another text from Edward Fuller telling me that I will be receiving another package in the mail tomorrow for my second assignment. Figure that out.

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    • My demands: Some kind of Justice
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $2,600.00
    Dec 30, 2017
    Complaint #: 2777
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