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  • The owner neither values nor appreciates the great customers that he is so lucky to have.


    The wife and I are in our early sixties now. We have been going to Renos since we were in high school, some forty-five years. We remember the original owner, Frankie. On any given Friday or Saturday night we would go to Renos and get their meatball or Italian sub. The subs were large, affordable and very good back then and Frankie would always be out mingling and joking with the younger crowd. It was a good time. We still have fond memories from back then. Boy how things have changed!

    Recently we ordered Italian subs and had them delivered. The current menu price is $7.25. We ordered two and asked for double cheese. We were a little shocked when the delivery boy told us our bill was $18.00! We always tip 20 to 25%, but in this case we just handed the delivery boy a $20 bill. We understand everything is smaller and more expensive today, but these subs were a little small for the price. The quality of the subs was poor at best. The sub buns were burnt and black. They didn't taste any better than they looked. We were very disappointed. We wasted $20. The wife and I conferred and knew we could not order subs from Renos anymore. Because we have known the current owner for years, Frankie’s son, we decided to still go to their buffet. Our decision quickly changed the next day when we found out our loyalty to Renos was misplaced and not appreciated.

    The next day, Saturday, we were up and on the move early. We accomplished a lot of tasks by 10:45 but still had two or three truckloads of wood to cut, load and stack. We wanted to get that done so we could sit down and relax the rest of the day. We were getting hungry and decided Reno's lunch buffet wouldn't slow us down. We could eat and get on our way quickly. We arrived at Renos at 11:05 and saw the side walk sign they manually put out daily. The sign says daily buffet at 11:00 for $7.50. We were surprise when we walked in and saw there was nothing out for the buffet other than couple of bowls of salad that were still covered and had not been dressed yet. Shortly after we arrived a waitress came in, about 11:07. We asked her if the buffet started at 11:00. She didn't answer our question but informed us the food would be out in a few seconds. She wasn’t telling us the truth. The food was just put in the oven to heat it up. It took another 15 minutes, not a few seconds. Most of the items on the buffet didn't get put out until 11:20, 20 minutes late. During our wait the owner walked in. We asked him what time the buffet started. He too didn't really answer our question other than to state they had to call and get the waitresses out of bed. Then he quickly disappeared and hid in the kitchen for the remainder of our stay. This left us confused. We're not sure who was responsible for having the buffet out on time, but it was clear to see this restaurant didn't employ anyone, including the owner, with the advanced skill to understand that someone needs to start heating up the food by a certain time if it is going to be ready for their 11:00 daily buffet. Apparently they employ no one who cares enough to take on the very difficult chore of getting four of five pans in the oven on time!

    At this time the owner and staff knew we were a little upset. We remained calm and patiently waited for the food. A simple apology at this time, acknowledgement that they were late and sorry, would have been more than enough for us. We received no apology and never heard the word sorry from anyone. We felt like they expected us to just sit there, be quiet, wait and be thankful they were able to get the buffet on by 11:20. Should a daily buffet advertised to start at 11:00, start at 11:00? Should an apology be offered when the daily buffet is 20 minutes late? Does anyone think this was too much to ask for from a business who we frequently patronize?

    I am an Engineer employed by a local company for the last 39 years. The wife and I raised four successful kids. They all got job after high school, went to college and got a degree. We state this to offer proof that we're not worthless people looking for a hand out. Renos sure made us feel like we were.

    A word about the buffet. There aren’t that many items on it. Most of the time they start with a pepperoni/cheese pizza and a foldover. They are good fresh out of the oven, not good after sitting twenty minutes. The Fettuccine Alfredo is always lacking enough sauce. The rest of the buffet is so so. They put out bread sticks, but cut them up into small bite size pieces. Chintzy? We think so! Day in and day out the buffet is pretty much the same. On Saturday evenings and Sundays they charge another $2.50 a head. They add or change a few items, but those buffets are pretty much the same too. We stop going to those buffets because they didn't warrant $10.00 a head! Even though they advertise the buffet starts at 11:00, there are very few days when it is ready on time. As stated above, we were expected to wait until 11:20. There are buffets in town much better than Renos and they cost at least a dollar less than Reno's $7.50 buffet, and they don't raise the price on Saturday evenings and Sundays. Those buffets have more items than Renos and they don't make their customers wait. They promptly start at the time they advertise! I guess we were still going to Renos out of some misplaced loyalty! Not anymore!

    Let us make one more point. That Saturday our city held a Pumpkin Stroll. The purpose of the stroll was to get local residents down town to showcase the local businesses, shops and restaurants, hopefully drumming up more business. We feel a business like Renos could have taken this opportunity to charge the same or a lower price for their buffet in order to get the public to come in, sample their food and hopefully get their repeat business. Renos participated in it and advertised they were having a buffet for the pumpkin strollers in their party room located in the building across the street from their restaurant. They advertised that you could purchase tickets a head of time for the great price of only $17.00 a head! They advertised that you should get your tickets early because they we're going fast! We're not sure why Renos thought they could gouge the public for every last penny they could squeeze out of them, but on Saturday the day of the stroll, they quickly had to lower their buffet price to $10.00, after very few strollers were willing to step up and pay their outrages price. We were sitting in Renos when pumpkin strollers wondered in looking for the buffet. They were promptly instructed the buffet for them was across the street in their party room. As they left, we wondered how many of the strollers realized they were being herded across the street so Renos could charge them $10.00 (originally $17.00) a head for a buffet that had fewer items than the buffet currently being served at their restaurant, which only cost $7.50! Is it just us or does anyone else thinks that's wrong?

    We suggest you avoid Renos. We have talked to enough people now to know our treatment by Renos was not an exception. You can only tell how good a business is after things go wrong. Good businesses will step up, apologize and try to make things right. Bad businesses won't. Renos wouldn't. The owner neither values nor appreciates the great customers that he is so lucky to have. If he did, you wouldn't be reading this review!

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    • My demands: A sincer appology and our money back for the burnt subs and the buffet we did not enjoy.
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $50.00
    Nov 01, 2017
    Complaint #: 2754
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