Rockwood Motel (La Porte City, IA 50651)

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  • the worst motel- is the ROCKWOOD!


    Me and my son went to this motel- hoping to rent a room monthly- in peace! And go half and half with the rent! Hoping it would be worth it! But unfortunately it wasn't!- because of the racist-motel manager name- NICKY! Wbo was a nightmare! The very next day!- we paid our rent for the month!- all for nothing! After we just got there!- because of the fact that we are black!!! She played us for the money! Then shortly after she threatened to put us out over a lame excuse- by saying the neighbors are complaining that we are talking too loud!- ridiculous!!! And that there are no refunds!- if u have to leave and want your money back! That's sounds like a scam!!!! To me!- It was OK for the white neighbors to do whatever they wanted! Play loud music!- do drugs! And be nosy! And harass the good ones who are minding their own Biz!- who are not their own kind! That's wrong! And a crime!- too! Yet we are the only ones who had to leave! What kind of Biz is that?! A crooked one! And on top of all that!- she called the corrupt police- on me! If we refuse to leave! And all hell broke lose! With the dumb cops!!
    showing up and believing all the lies that racist liar-said! Against innocent people!- only because of our race! And then she tries to change her mind and say oh he can stay but not his mom?!- that's evil! So we both left- gladly! And went to a much-better hotel!- in every way! So don't ever come to The Rockwood motel! And the rooms are all defective! And trash!- too expensive!- and not worth a dime! Anyway! And the toilet broke! And no WiFi! Or air Conditioner! And Where the manager and the neighbors and the cops!- are the most racist and nosy-garbage in laporte city,Iowa!-but only-if u are black! Shame on them all!-so-Beware!!!!!!!

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    • My demands: for all of them white racists to be charged with a hate crime!!!
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $500.00
    Nov 16, 2017
    Complaint #: 2761
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Dec 24, 2017 10:54 PM

Don't ever go to racists motels like the Rockwood motel!- in laporte city,Iowa! By the worst manager there name Nicky!- and the worst neighbor there and nosy! And a lying trouble maker name Ashley Jones! Room #6! Its a real nightmare for blacks! And the corrupt cops are racist there too! Stay away!! Its nothing but a scam! Its still a crime to discriminate!!!! I don't car who u are, Its still- Wrong!!!! And another bad hotel is cled the University avenue studio in waterloo,ia run by a bad manager and crooked landlord wanna- be name denice Burnett! They're all a fraud! All their rooms and the whole place is nothing but a dump!! I know by experience!- but never again!