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    I was looking for job and posted my Resume on Career Builder, & got an email from a Forwarding Courier saying they saw my resume on Career Builder, & I may be a good fit as a Forwarding Courier in electronics. The company is R R Delivery Service, saying they are based out of York,NE. I applied for the position, had a phone interview, & was accepted for the job. I got an email with a link to the website to set up my account, & start receiving packages. A woman named Monica was my "Manager" & was in contact with me every day by phone or on the website. I basically received the packages, took photos of the merchandise, forwarded those photos to R R Delivery Service on the website, destroyed the bill of ladings as per R R Delivery's request, repacked the items, & printed out prepaid USPS postage shipping labels & attached to the packages. I then mailed at the post office & got receipts for each package, scanned the receipts, & forwarded the photos to R R Delivery on the website. There was a 30 day probationary work period before payment of $2500.00 monthly salary ( I started 29 August 2016). The week of payment to me, there was a link on the website of how I wanted payment made to me, by check, PayPal, direct deposit, or Western Union. Then all of a sudden, I was locked out of the website with no salary. My manager, Monica, returned none of my phone calls. It didn't take long to surmise that this is a Scam operation dealing in shipping maybe stolen goods, as they are all high dollar items such as Iphones, Pentium Processors, Fit Bits, etc... & the website seemed very legitimate & professional. But, this company is NOTHING BUT A SCAM OPERATION.

    The information about the Company are:

    Name : RR Delivery
    Adress: 307 W 3rd St York, NE 68467 USA
    Phone Number: 4022605055
    Website: http://rr-delivery.com/career
    Email address: [email protected];[email protected];[email protected];[email protected]

    I called the number that the fake Manager used to call me !! It is this number: 4022605055 !! And there was a voicemail in the message and the company is now called :FN5 COLOR COMPANY !! The voice looks too much to the woman that is used to call me every day for the rr delivery !! BE CAREFUL EVERYONE !! THE SCAMMERS CHANGES THE NAME OF THE COMPANY TO ITS VOICEMAIL. NOW the name of the fake company is " FN5 COLOR COMPANY " TO ATTRACT NEW VICTIMS !!

    The forward address they used to forward are: Maxwell Snyder 460 Copper Drive Suite 062794 Newport DE 19804-9004; Gulnara Klicheva 2080 E 29th St Brooklyn NY 11229-5050; Aleksey Pivovarov 460 Copper Drive Ste 064898 Newport DE 19804 ; Alex Fisher 460 Copper Drive Suite 062796 Newport DE 19804-9004 ; Eriena Munson 321 N Atlantic Blvd Alhambra CA 91801-2218; Gazizova Regina 460 Copper Drive 066416 NewPort DE 19804-9004 !!

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    • My demands: Identity theft to ship stolen goods
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $100.00
    Oct 06, 2016
    Complaint #: 2094
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