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    Hired Five painters 8 hours,was to pay 250.00 then remaining at end of day; 600 total of 850 for 5 painters. 4 painters and a 10yr old boy showed up, said they could finish a good deal of job and had me even get more paint. They took brks, did not do job properly so I complained to owner. They changed price. Lead painter said he had a sprayer and could finish a good deal of job in 8 hrs. Sprayer never showed. At end of day I refused to pay 725. Owner said painters would stay longer to make up for breaks, painters said no. At end of day I called owners to settle and they did not answer, so I paid a 400. more for what painters did do and no more which avrg out to about 13. Pr hr ea man (4) for 7.2 hrs not 8. Left a msg for owner who refused to pick up to discuss issues while painters were there. About An hr and a half later owner calked wanting to know if i need to hire again next day; he was aware job was not finished. I said no, in fact i was not happy with job and left him that msg earlier, owner calls me with threatening a mechanics lean, my response was that I would see him in court and that I was reporting him to the BBB and going to dispute to get a partial refund. This is when the racial and physical threats against my life start from a undisclosed #. Cussing, threatening to slash my thought, making racial slurs and at the same time continued text from Jimmy demanding more money. I called police, put a trace on # the threatening text were coming from and contacted co. They were coming through and made a complaint about threats that Text were coming from, reported them and the crew leader's name in my Police report. Told Jimmy I knew it was him and Samantha doing this and that I know they are scammers, they hire children which is against child labor laws because he did identify him as a " 5th man" and most likely used illegals which is why they did not argue with me about not paying full price, and they are trying to use bully tatics by threatening my life which he claims he had no part of. Messages said things like " N----- B---- you better not stop payment on my boss or I will slice your throat, I know where you live". They went ascfar as snooping my FB and sending a pic of me. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They are Bullies and Scammers! They have what looks like a lagit website and they also advertise on Craig's List as They use children and most likely illegal s who if course won't complain if they don't get full price but Owner gets his referral fee up front and uses PayPal which is harder to dispute.

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    • My demands: Partial Refund/Police involved/ Poluce Report Made/Want to Press Chargers for threats against my life
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $250.00
    Dec 06, 2015
    Complaint #: 784
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