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  • Moisture Under House or Hoax on 81 Year Old Widow


    Salesman for Terminex pressured my 81 year old mother into allowing Terminex to crawl under her house to assess moisture. She refused service but he baggered her by calling her and coming back to see her a second time. She felt threatened to go ahead and agree to letting them seal off under her house and place a dehumidifier to take out moisture. She told them she could not afford this but they told her they would lower the price and they would work with her on payments. They came, did who knows what, under her house, put 2 holes in her walls trying to hook up dehumidifier and put in a new breaker box in. She got a Contract bill in the mail from SMAC saying she owes $169.00 a month for 47 months totaling $8,000.00. She is now having chest pain, her stomach is upset a lot. She is a wreck over something she cannot afford on her fixed income. She has spoken to the manager , Michael, several times and he is willing to take $4,400.00 in cash! Her daughter is now involved and she spoke with this Michael who claims he can remove dehumidifier but will loose money on other materials which if he leaves them under her house will cause further damage to her house because now there is NO air flow to dry out any moisture without his machine. This is an a horrible thing to do to an elderly widow and now she is getting sick from trying to figure out how to pay for this service she did not need. She was bullied into this decision. She does not have the money for this and cannot pay.

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    • My demands: Remove all materials from under the house and tear up the contract!
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $8,000.00
    Jan 10, 2017
    Complaint #: 2350
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