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    $4,000.00Unresolved is a website used as a business that lies, uses false information, and does not disclose the truth in order to make money off foreigners who do not know better in Bangkok, Thailand. The whole idea is to travel to Thailand meet local single women who are interested in finding western men for possible marriage. I was told all of the following by Lawrence Lynch... We will change your life for the better.
    We will not let you down.
    Unlimited introductions are or will be available until you say stop.
    The backgrounds of the people involved romantically are looked into and somewhat investigated. ALL ARE LIES AND NOT TRUE
    There are several other lies that were said in order to gain clients and make money off of lonely and gullible people.
    The profiles and pictures on his website are not accurate, unavailable, and do not exist. I sent a significant amount of money by Western Union and I handed him cash while in Bangkok. I went on 2 that is right only 2 different dates with actual women and when I call thai-professional for more introductions I am told "they (women) do not like you." That was it I was completely ripped off. Here I am the customer saying I need to meet more women and the service stopped and no further introductions were made. I have emails and other documents to support my claim. What bothers me also in addition to being made a fool and losing several thousand American dollars in the scam is that they the so called "family runned business" seemed to be entertained by me getting rejected and dating interaction that negatively affected me. When I made an attempt to get my money back for services that were not offered Lawrence tries to discredit me by talking about the way I dress and my maturity. I dressed in business casual clothes and am independent for myself. It appears that if he discredits me and makes me look bad that it is justification for him to ripp me off. I wish I had never known the owner Lawrence and I never believed whatever bull shit that comes out of his mouth.

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    • My demands: Money back but better acknowledgement from business that lies from business created falsehood which I beleived.
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $4,000.00
    Jan 05, 2016
    Complaint #: 916
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