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ATTENTION: Consumers who have been contacted by loan scammers could have had their personal information breached. Angry Citizen highly recommends that consumers whose information has been breached obtain identity theft protection service immediately. There are several companies that offer identity theft protection in the US. One of the most inexpensive options we were able to find is the protection offered by LifeLock. You can start your protection here.
Disclaimer: The information and opinions contained on this site are not endorsed by LifeLock. Angry Citizen receives compensation from LifeLock. This helps support our scam prevention efforts.

  • Harassment to Cell Phone


    This company called me Stupid. They Called my cell phone with an Unknown number offering $1500.
    I would not give him my personal information so happy I did not. He got mad and said I was waisting his time. Then he proceeded to call me a stupid person. I don't trust this one. I am not stupid but cause I know better than to give information over the phone. Has Indian accect and says his name was David that is so stupid. OK Rajha

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    • My demands: Do not call
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $1,500.00
    • Agents: David Snyder
    • Managers: Sam Martin
    • URL:
    Nov 23, 2015
    Complaint #: 715
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  • Fraud scam loans in US


    Has an affiliate that calls from a blocked number saying its in Florida. Guys get you info and gives you a loan confirmation number, then has you call Robert smith on the 845.260.9308 number and this guy says your loan docs will be pulled up in an hour. I called him with my bank on the phone and has them listen in and they said run away as fast as you can. He told me my credit score was low. I know my score is high and he asked that I pay first payment of 510.00 prior to the. Wiring me 35000.00! Lol. Scam scam scam is written all over this and I have reported it to the authorities!!!

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    • My demands: Fake loans
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $35,000.00
    Oct 10, 2015
    Complaint #: 518
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