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  • Illegal Ticket Re-sales


    Vivid Seats is allowing its vendors who sell "resale tickets" to sell the same exact ticket more than once, which results in no admittance for buyers who attempt to enter a venue once the ticket is scanned and marked as "entered" by the first buyer who shows up. In other words, the tickets are sold multiple times but only works once. Vivid Seats claims to offer 100% buyer guarantee but when a buyer who was not allowed entrance calls to report that they cannot get in with the ticket purchased on, the buyer is told that it must be a fluke in the scanning system at the venue and is offered no solution, no refund, no new ticket. Even tickets purchased on using Paypal are not refunded due to lack of ability of the buyer who couldn't get in to prove to PayPal that they were not allowed entrance. The box office reported that about 20 other ppl had the same issue on that night alone and that Vivid Seats has been doing this a lot lately and nothing is being done about it.

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    • My demands: Someone needs to stop this from happening
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $267.32
    Apr 06, 2017
    Complaint #: 2584
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