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  • Vpayfast is scam Mikey laundering company


    Vpayfast is internet company who takes money from USA Client and transfer that money to WeChat in yuan, but its fraud company , they took my money and , first I paid with bitcoin , they told they didn’t get it, second I sent through Bank of America debit card .
    In both case money never arrived in we chat.
    Also I didn’t receive refund from bitcoin and I am pretty sure second transaction what I did today won’t be refunded. They say 7 days . Well I never got refund from my first transaction either.
    So a total scam 100 percent fraud company, once money gone from you then you will never be able to get that, i wanted to send 1000 yuan to WeChat account , but i tried minor transaction first to make sure this is safe. God sake I didn’t do any major transaction. I have a photos of all transactions. If you want to sink your money go ahead and do it, once money gone to vpayfast you can’t get access to your money anymore
    They have some messenger id as contact us. No physical address , no telephone contact number , a 100 percent fraud company .
    My guess is some one man Chinese guy running this company .
    Find any ther way to get yuan ,Do not use vpayfast under any circumstances.

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    • My demands: Stop scamming people , return the money
    • User Recommendation: Stay away
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Monetary damages: $34.00
    Sep 08, 2018
    Complaint #: 2850
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